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Case study: SEO and landing pages

By Tim Reader, 19 March 2013

Clients often ask about landing pages so I’ve written this very brief case study about some landing pages we created for Little Leaf Guesthouse in St Ives, to increase bookings related to specific areas that we know prospective guests to be interested in.

One of these was entitled ‘The best breakfast in St Ives” — which they do, I can vouch for it! *

Little Leaf landing page

This is a page targeted at anyone who might be using Google to seek out accommodation in St Ives, and using keywords to ensure that the most important meal of the day is going to be a good one.

The single quickest win here is the the words that appear in the page’s URL (web address):


and the ‘title text’, as displayed for the main link in the search results:

search results from the landing page

These alone tell are enough to grab a search engine’s attention (Google has no reason to disbelieve it — provided the content of the page appears to support the promise). A CMS like WordPress generates these automatically based on the page title, but we also provide tools that mean these can over-ridden.

The landing page itself needs to contain eye-catching headings and photos, keyword-dense copy, and have one prominent call to action — in this case “Book now” — at the bottom.

We set up Little Leaf’s WordPress with a template that enables them to create as many of these landing pages as they like.

Here are a couple of others:

If you do a Google search on ‘best breakfast in St Ives’, their page appears on the first Google search results page (SERP). In fact, after Trip Advisor’s rather greedy monopoly at the top, it’s the first result. Win!

* disclaimer: I didn’t try every breakfast in the whole of St Ives on my stay and it is conceivable that there is a better one somewhere. Just unlikely.