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Dolphins Cancel Stadium makeovers

Dolphins Cancel Stadium makeovers

By Robb Green, 12 July 2017

Planned upgrades for the Miami Dolphins’ Sun Life stadium have been cancelled following failure of a bill meant to provide public funds for the venue. In a report from Miami’s CBS 4, The Florida house adjourned if you don’t take up the bill, Might have raised the state’s hotel bed tax to fund the stadium […]

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Brexit & Free Movement mini-site for Jean Lambert MEP

By Tim Reader, 23 June 2017

A year on, very pleased this week to have played a small part in something positive in response to the Brexit debacle – a mini-site on the work that Jean Lambert MEP is doing to protect the rights of EU nationals here and in Europe. Jean is amazing – one of politics’s many unsung heroes. […]

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The Best Natural interesting locations in Ecuador Ecuador

By Robb Green, 18 June 2017

The Best Natural interesting locations in Ecuador Ecuador is a country abundant in natural attractions among the Galpagos Islands to snowcapped volcanic peaks, And from Amazon lowland tropical rain forests to high Andean paramo. You will find outstanding Ecuador hotels nationwide, Prepared to fit all natural lovers. In order to hike or climb, Bird watch […]

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Intergenerational Foundation goes live

By Tim Reader, 31 May 2017

Just ahead of the General Election, a website which tackles one of the big issues of our time – intergenerational fairness. If you’re a young person, or have one in your life, the subject of intergenerational fairness is probably something on your mind. The Intergenerational Foundation exists to get a fairer deal for young people. […]

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The coolest customized RVs on the road revealed as sales of vehicles soar nationally

By Robb Green, 19 March 2017

When summer months comes, Americans itch to hit the road and https://www.customizedjerseyshop.com/Customized_Chicago_Bears_Jersey_Cheap, If a recent jump in leisurely vehicle sales is any indicator, They expect to do so in style this year. Deliveries of RVs, Long the nation’s symbol of freedom in the outdoors, Are up 8 percent from yr after, Using the. ‘In March […]

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Paul Torday final book released

By Tim Reader, 21 April 2016

Author Paul Today — he of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen — sadly died in 2013, though with eight fantastic novels to his name, all written in his retirement. He died with one novel unfinished which has now been completed by son Piers, himself an award-winning author, and is released today. It was a privilege […]

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New opportunities with Aurora Orchestra and Delphian Records

By Tim Reader, 22 January 2016

Very good news to begin the year that Long White Digital will develop the new websites for both Aurora Orchestra and Delphian Records, continuing our foray into the classical music sector. Both organisations have a reputation creativity and risk-taking and are relative new players in this arena (Delphian celebrate their 15th anniversary this August and […]

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Appointed website support for the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

By Tim Reader, 6 November 2015

Having recently recognised that it makes increasing sense for Long White Digital to work with arts and music organisations (nearly half the team are accomplished musicians, some with one foot in the professional music world) it’s a delight to be appointed by the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, more commonly simply the OAE, to […]

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Apple’s inaccessible homepage

By Tim Reader, 27 January 2014

What a strange decision for Apple on announcing its 30th birthday and boasting that the Macintosh “was designed to be so easy to use that people could actually use it” that they publish the piece to a page that is not easy to use and highly inaccessible. I’m as much of an Apple fan as […]

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Making the responsive leap

By Tim Reader, 23 December 2013

Well it’s now December 2013 already? And 1 year since we vowed to take the plunge into responsive web design (RWD). As it happens, nearly everyone else on the web made the plunge too. Much as 2003, with the launch of CSS Zen Garden and other such inspiration, began a sea-change towards CSS-driven presentation in […]

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