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NFER self-assessmentNFER Self-Review tool

A free online tool from the National Foundation for Educational Research to help teachers review how research-engaged their school or college is, using eight key statements.

Type of project:

IRT homepageInternational Refugee Trust

IRT have a commitment to spending their donors' money where it really counts - in the field. They came to us with a specific brief: they wanted to showcase their phenomenal refugee work, have on-site donation (i.e. not JustGiving or other third parties), and it needed to look and cost as grassroots as their work. Using our Maketh themes as a starting point we devised them this simple and impactful design - which is also responsive - and used the new Stripe service to handle donations so that visitors don't need to leave the IRT site to make a donation.

Client said: "Everyone is so grateful for all the hard work you put into the site - we love it!"

Type of project:

synthesys homepageSYNTHESYS (for The Natural History Museum)

SYNTHESYS enables researchers from any EU country to connect with 20 natural history museums, universities and botanic gardens across Europe. We built them a website to facilitate applications for research grants and promote their work in the field of natural sciences.

What we did: Fully responsive using our own custom RWD framework. Great backwards compatibility

Type of project:

Oxfam - The QuestOxfam The Quest

A pilot campaign by Oxfam to engage their supporters in a more long-term way with multimedia storytelling and game features. Using a narrative arc, The Quest aims to raise awareness of land grabs, food security and other issues affecting developing countries in Africa.

What we did: Game mechanics, gamification, user accounts, episodic media

Type of project:

ux process for rhythmsTearfund Rhythms

Rhythms is a new smartphone app and website from Tearfund that gives young people a range of feel-good/do-good actions to take, in the context of a game, rewarding players every step of the way. Long White Digital teamed up with Provokateur to provide the discovery, IA, UX and user insights together with several rounds of user testing and authorship of the functional specification.

What we did: user insight, prototyping, user testing

Client said: "We worked with a team whose creativity was matched by their attention to detail. In prototyping and iteratively developing an iOS app (through repeated user-testing) we got a mind that relentlessly wrapped itself around every problem and an eye for possibility which spotted ingenious solutions."

Type of project:

Funder Network moodboard and emailFunder Network

A knowledge sharing website and network for fundraising professionals across the charity sector. Features blog, Q&A, emailer notifications and searchable resources database

What we did: Alongside a full back-end (WordPress) rewrite, we produced an HTML email template for user notifications (pictured right), an IA review and a moodboard (left) for proposed new design direction.

Type of project:

Join Me on the Bridge (Women for Women)Women for Women: Join Me on the Bridge

A social network for women around the world, enabling the co-ordination of global events, to build bridges of peace for the future. Contains extensive social media integration, multimedia libraries, user contribution and an interactive map of global events.

What we did: In partnership with Provokateur, created a feature-rich, social network on the Ning platform, stretching Ning's API the max!

Type of project:

Oxfam Bigger and BetterOxfam – Bigger & Better

In direct response to the 2010 election outcome Oxfam wanted to take the challenge back to Mr Cameron with this Big Society microsite that asked its users to ‘make a noise’ about ways in which society really could be ‘bigger and better’.

Citing the much-campaigned for Robin Hood Tax, it asked visitors to name ways in which they would like their society to be improved (“Save energy and money by fully insulating every home in Britain” / “Plug the deadly financial gap poor countries face after the economic crisis” and so on) and then displays the estimated cost of that change, both as a financial figure and as a percentage of the budget made available by a Robin Hood Tax (often very small).

We completed the first release of this site in June, within a month of the election result. A few months later they approached us about developing the social media aspects of the site, and improving the messaging to improve participation.

In collaboration with: Damon Charles, Jon Pearse

Client said: "Tim's help and assistance in completing this project for Oxfam were invaluable. His thorough understanding of the creative issues, coupled with flexibility and project management expertise, ensured that the end product was exactly what we wanted, but better."

Type of project:

Federation of Festivals homepageFederation of Festivals

The Federation of Festivals is the umbrella body for competitive festivals of performing arts across the UK and beyond.

What we did: We did a rapid redesign and implementation inside a 30-day period and using only 4-5 work days.

Type of project:

Time for Climate Justice

A campaign website, inviting audiences to participate in a photo petition and demand action on climate change from world leaders.

What we did: CSS3 animations, user-generated content (UGC), translations, slideshows, interactive map or organisations, events section.

In collaboration with: Christian Aid

Type of project: