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Oxfam – Bigger & Better

Oxfam Bigger and BetterOxfam – Bigger & Better

In direct response to the 2010 election outcome Oxfam wanted to take the challenge back to Mr Cameron with this Big Society microsite that asked its users to ‘make a noise’ about ways in which society really could be ‘bigger and better’.

Citing the much-campaigned for Robin Hood Tax, it asked visitors to name ways in which they would like their society to be improved (“Save energy and money by fully insulating every home in Britain” / “Plug the deadly financial gap poor countries face after the economic crisis” and so on) and then displays the estimated cost of that change, both as a financial figure and as a percentage of the budget made available by a Robin Hood Tax (often very small).

We completed the first release of this site in June, within a month of the election result. A few months later they approached us about developing the social media aspects of the site, and improving the messaging to improve participation.

In collaboration with: Damon Charles, Jon Pearse

Client said: "Tim's help and assistance in completing this project for Oxfam were invaluable. His thorough understanding of the creative issues, coupled with flexibility and project management expertise, ensured that the end product was exactly what we wanted, but better."

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